Portsmouth Model Boat Display Team
HMS Victory

The Victory build was the biggest project yet under taken by the club, its beginnings go back to 2002 when we decided that as a Portsmouth club we should do something special for the 200th anniversary of Trafalgar. Little did we know then what we were letting ourselves in for.

If you click on the images below you will be shown more information on each of the stages of build, from hull construction to rigging, and from maiden voyage to first broadside in anger.

The plans come out and the build begins.

Colin and Alan discuss the best method

of construction.

The Figurehead was made by club member Helen Lawson and adds the finishing touch to the bow section.

Our Chairman Graham Bushrod makes a start on the daunting job of making a full set of sails for both the Victory and Redoutable.

Press Day one week before her maiden voyage at Canoe Lake Southsea June 19th

Victory's maiden voyage at Canoe Lake.

June 19th Canoe Lake, Southsea. Part of Portsmouth Festivities in association with Portsmouth Grammar School.

Finally but most importantly of all, we would like to thank all who helped on this project. From the Captain of HMS Victory who gave us access to the ship, to the suppliers of building materials and above all those members who put in the long hours and hard work that made this project happen.

Advice on the layout of Victory at Trafalgar was given by the curator of the Victory, Peter Goodwin.

Insperation to build Victory as she was at Trafalgar is thanks to the beutiful model by Jotika Ltd

Oak timber has been donated by - Folly Patterns Ltd, Farnham, Surrey.

Masts and Spar material donated by - Robert Bish DIY, 252 Fratton Rd Portsmouth 023 9282 0602.

Sail cloth kindly donated by - John Lewis - Knight & Lee, West Quay
Southsea/Southampton SO15 1QA.

4 channel radio control, prop and propshaft donated by - Fratton Model Centre 171/173 Fratton Rd Portsmouth PO1 5ET

Main power and Radio Batteries donated by - ModelPower.co.uk 16 Church Walk, Mancetter, Atherstone, Warwickshire. CV9 1NX

How to make Stern Decorations

First draw out the image to scale size on a piece of paper.

Then lay the image on some rolled out plastercine, and using a pin, prick the paper to mark out the outline of the image.

Now indent the plastercine and pour in some resin, job done.

The other half of our Trafalgar Display is also being built along side the Victory. The model is of the French warship Redoutable, and is of the same size.

The Redoutable is actually a rebuild, and was once a model of 'The Sovereign of the Seas', the boat was built in 1996 by Team Member 'Eddie Stechman' who passed away in 1998, it has been in use all that time and has had many refits, now it is to become the Victory's adversary and will continue to be a key model for many years to come.

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